Today I will show you why match fixing happens.

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England’s Premier League, the league in which franchises earn the most from advertising, sells tickets.


Each of their teams cost an average of 960 million pounds to buy.

And Income for tickets £2,850,000 Pounds. TV Broadcast Income £9.88 billion Pounds You think they don’t need fixing because they earn a lot of money.


Now I will answer your words, there are 20 teams in total, and the coaching staff is 7 star hotel, practice ground, high powerful security, those who manage the league, there are many other secret things and many things I have not mentioned, so they earn so much money. After all, if he wins the cup, his profit is 97% percent, and those who get out of the group stage will go bankrupt.


Now you must have realized that if they don’t earn by fixing the matches, then they will never be able to manage the league or manage the team so much. For this reason, even the most famous and expensive tournaments in the world have to do match fixing. Not only England Premier League but all clubs in the world are involved in match fixing.


such as

La Liga

England Championship

England League one

Copa Italy



German Bundesliga

Germany DFB Pokal

Russia qualification

Russia premier league

Russia Championship League

Italy serie A

Italian Serie B

Turkey Superliga

Turkey TFF 1 lig

Netherlands eredivisie



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